AUD/USD retesting short term sup as res 🦘📉

EUR/GBP price action from both sides of that zone

EUR/USD intraday price action 🇪🇺

EUR/USD zone to put on your chart 🇪🇺

Returning to a possible Aussie short? 🦘📉

Cable bulls paying out 🐂✅

Joining the Cable bulls 🐂

USD/JPY in play for a short? 🇯🇵

GBP/CAD long - 300+ pip single day move ✅💰

GBP/CAD long setup? 🇬🇧🇨🇦

EUR/GBP long - 100+ pip trade 💶💷

AUD/USD charts pointing to a short 🦘📉

Buying before EUR/GBP trend line breaks 💶💷

Gold shorts pay with zero drawdown ✅💰

Gold short setup to start the week with 🥇

GBP/USD drops hard and pays ✅💰

GBP/USD intraday short trade 🇬🇧

Why I don't short Bitcoin through my forex broker

What to look for if buying USD/JPY 💹

Positioning for a USD/JPY breakout 💹


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