GBP/CAD long - 300+ pip single day move ✅💰

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams,

This is not your average forex broker email.

Afternoon team,

How about GBP/CAD ripping higher off that confluence of support!

Tell me you made some money on this trade, yeah?

Well, let’s just quickly recap things here.

So in yesterday’s Inner Circle email, we talked about buying GBP/CAD as price pulled back into short term previous resistance that we could use as an entry when it retested it as support.

Take a look at the zone I’m talking about on the hourly from yesterday’s email below.

GBP/CAD Hourly:

Now look at the updated GBP/CAD hourly.

GBP/CAD Hourly Updated:

Sure we got a little help from Boris Johnson, but for me technicals always lead the fundamentals.

The fact that price was sitting on a zone like that when Brexit optimism headlines hit, exaggerated the move.

A beautiful 300+ pip move at that!

Hit reply and let me know if you made money on this setup. I read and reply to everyone inside my Inner Circle who takes the time to chat.

Best of probabilities to you,