Gold shorts pay with zero drawdown ✅💰

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams,

This is not your average forex broker email.

Afternoon team,

Happy to say that we’ve started the week as good as we ended it.

Remember yesterday’s short setup in Gold?

Of course you do if you took it, but here’s the chart from the email.

XAU/USD Hourly:

And now the updated.

XAU/USD Hourly Updated:

Just to recap, Gold rejected off higher time frame resistance and then broke that trend line, signalling to us that we probably want to be short.

We then sold into a retest of intraday short term support turned resistance (the grey box) which gave us the risk:reward we were looking for.

If you need another look at the higher time frame chart and the analysis behind taking this trade, then check out my Steemit blog and today’s Gold analysis post.

Does each email I send make it clearer what I’m doing here? Keeping my analysis simple and actionable?

Hit reply and give me some feedback. I read and reply to everyone inside my Inner Circle who takes the time to chat.

Best of probabilities to you,